Glock 45 GAP vs 45 ACP: What Are The Differences

Glock 45 GAP vs 45 ACP: What Are The Differences 2

Carrying a firearm as concealed carry has become incredibly popular within states that legally permit it. Many individuals have begun investing in various firearms as a means of self-defense. But, choosing a suitable firearm can become tricky considering various aspects and features. So, what are the differences between the Glock 45 GAP and the 45 ACP?

The Glock 45 GAP and the Glock 45 ACP differ in size and handling but offer similar power, accuracy, speed, and velocity. The Glock 45 GAP is smaller than the Glock 45 ACP, is equipped with user-friendly and handling features, and is primarily suited to users with small to medium hands.

Although both the Glock 45 GAP and the 45 ACP are highly functional and appropriate for users with similar purposes, there are a few differences regarding the design, functionality, and construction. Stick around to find out about the Glock 45 GAP and the 45 ACP and how they compare with each other. 

Glock 45 GAP

The Glock 45 GAP (Glock Automatic Cartridge) was designed to provide 45 ballistics in a smaller firearm. The casing has been created so that it gives slightly less recoil in a 45. In terms of its size, the rounds are still reasonably powerful thanks to sophisticated technology and higher pressure.  

Below are the official specifications of the Glock 45 GAP:

Place of originAustria, United States
Service history
In service2003–present
Production history
DesignerErnest Durham
DesignedNovember 2002
Case typeRimless, straight
Bullet diameter.451 in (11.5 mm)
Case length.755 in (19.2 mm)
Overall length1.070 in (27.2 mm)
Test barrel length4.49 inches
Ballistic performance
Bullet weight/typeVelocity
185 gr (12 g) Gold Dot JHP1,150 feet/s (350 m/s)
200 gr (13 g) Gold Dot JHP1,050 feet/s (320 m/s)
230 gr (15 g) Gold Dot JHP935 feet/s (285 m/s)

Although the average design and features are uniform between Glock 45 GAP models, there are further variations between various makes within the same class. However, the overall design and advantages of the Glock 45 GAP are more or less continued in models, namely, the G37, G38, and G39.

One of the main benefits of the Glock 45 GAP concerns comfort and usability since it features various design aspects that make it user-friendly. These features include a shorter slide, a case length measuring around 0.75 inches, finger grooves, a small thumb rest on both sides, and strategic beveling at the front for straightforward holstering and smooth handling. 

The Glock 45 GAP also features an accessory rail, despite its smaller size. This allows users to attach additional pieces such as small flashlights and laser sights when needed. The predominant downfall of the Glock 45 GAP concerns the comfort for users with larger hands and the ability to carry fewer rounds at any given moment.

Glock 45 ACP

The Glock 45 ACP is one of the most popular firearms and has been amongst the best choices within this firearm class for decades. It offers power and accuracy for those who use it and is well-known for consistent reliability and speed. The Glock 45 ACP was designed to meet the military’s demand for practical and functional performance requirements. 

Some of the most popular and renowned Glock 45 ACP models include the Glock 21 (including the Glock 21 SF and the Glock 21 Gen4), the Glock 30 (including the Glock 30 SF and Glock 30 S), the Glock 36, and the Glock 41 Gen4. All of these Glock 45 ACPs are infamous amongst enthusiasts and concealed carriers. 

However, despite high functionality and performance, the predominant downfall of the Glock 45 ACP was its size, one of the primary motives for the Glock 45 GAP’s creation. In many cases, the Glock 45 ACP was used as a standard police force weapon, and many female officers or male officers with petite hands would find it challenging to handle and use proficiently. 

Many individuals still opt to use the Glock 45 ACP in recent years, as it is already a highly trusted firearm that many have become comfortable with. Various individuals believe that the Glock 45 ACP is slowly becoming outdated, while others believe it has stood the test of time and will remain one of the most popular firearms for decades to come. 

Differences between Glock 45 GAP and 45 ACP

Both the Glock 45 GAP and the Glock 45 ACP are used by many individuals, with some preferring either of the two firearms for various reasons. The primary differences concerning the Glock 45 GAP and the 45 ACP relate to the grip frame, construction, size variances, power, and usability. 

Glock 45 GAPGlock 45 ACP
Magazine Thickness1.15 inch0.904 inch
Grip Circumference7.75 inches7.375 inches
Grip Thickness1.292 inches1.182 inches
Grip Front to Back2.155 inches2.08 inches
Trigger Reach2.938 inches2.793 inches
Barrel Length4.605 inches4.59 inches
Rounds Held in Magazine1010 – 13
Average SpeedRounds fired at approximately 928 feet per secondRounds fired at approximately 969.8 feet per second
Primary AdvantageSmaller size, user-friendly design, and straightforward handlingThe benefit of power and a full-size firearm able to hold more rounds
Primary Disadvantage
Suited forUsers with smaller handsUsers with large hands
AmmunitionUses small pistol primerUses large pistol primer
Ammunition AvailabilityUncommonCommon
Ammunition PriceApproximately $30 per 50Approximately $20 per 50

Although these numerical differences are minor, they do make a difference concerning the handling of the firearm. However, both the Glock 45 GAP and the 45 ACP have similar velocity, speed, power, and accuracy. The most influential determining factor as to whether the Glock 45 GAP or the 45 ACP would be more advantageous will predominantly depend on the comfort of handling for users. 

Besides the comfort of handling, the number of rounds held, and the overall size, another influential factor is the supply of ammunition. While the Glock 45 GAP has gained dedicated fans, many individuals have struggled to gain access to the necessary ammunition, depending on location. 

This supply is compared to the ready availability of Glock 45 ACP ammunition, which is relatively common in various areas. The prices of ammunition vary as well, as Glock 45 GAP ammunition is generally pricier than Glock 45 ACP ammunition, irrespective of geographic location. This means that those hoping to invest in a Glock 45 GAP will need to be prepared for higher expenses in the long run.

Are 45 GAP and 45 ACP interchangeable? 

It is theoretically possible to shoot a 45 ACP in a 45 GAP cartridge, and some users have stated that the 45 GAP ballistics can be imitated in commercial 45 ACP rounds. The operating pressure of the 45 GAP is only slightly different from the 45 ACP. The maximum industry pressure for the Glock 45 ACP is 21,999 psi, whereas the maximum for the Glock 45 GAP is slightly higher at 23,000 psi. 

In most cases, severe damage to the gun and its functions will be relatively unlikely, but the damage may occur over time. There may be various discrepancies, and it’s not advised to do so since the functionality may be relatively unreliable. Individuals who have attempted to fire a 45 ACP in a 45 GAP cartridge or fire a 45 GAP in a pistol chambered to suit the 45 ACP have faced various difficulties in the process. 

Although many individuals have claimed to have interchanged the Glock 45 ACP and the Glock 45 GAP, the odds are that it won’t work out very well. The Glock 45 GAP has a shorter case length, and it may not be practical since the cartridge headspaces on the mouth of the case. 

Still, these sorts of uses and DIY approaches pose the risk of various problems and malfunctions, none of which are safe considering the potential for danger and harm. The best approach would be to always use the ammunition suited to the specific gun make and model and avoid alternating between ammunition even if the design and functions seem more or less similar. 

Can you shoot 45 ACP in 45 GAP?

While it is theoretically possible, it is not advised since the Glock 45 ACP is larger than the Glock 45 GAP. Various inconsistencies in size and design may inhibit proper functionality and pose numerous risks for users and the firearm. 

Additional issues include jamming and misfits between the clips and the extractor groove in cartridges. Issues such as these may or may not be alleviated by trimming the cases to suit the length. Some users who have attempted this have needed to seek professional assistance to resolve occurring consequences. 

Although there has been plenty of debate surrounding the functionality of the Glock 45 GAP and the 45 ACP in comparison, the general consensus is that they are relatively similar in performance. The Glock 45 GAP offers accuracy and reliability in a more compact form. The choice between these two will rely on personal preference, intended usage, and size compatibility with the user’s hands.

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