Best Biometric Gun Safe – Our Top 5 Picks

The Importance of Responsible Gun Ownership

Our Second Amendment rights are one of the cornerstones of what it means to be an American, but along with gun ownership comes a responsibility to own and operate that firearm safely and intelligently. Especially for households with children, using a gun safe is a great way to keep your family safe and allow you to protect your family as most gun owners wish to do.





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Best Biometric Gun Safe - Our Top 5 Picks 1


Sig Sauer P220 Legion


Best Biometric Gun Safe - Our Top 5 Picks 2


ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols


Best Biometric Gun Safe - Our Top 5 Picks 3

RPNB Biometric Gun Safe


Best Biometric Gun Safe - Our Top 5 Picks 4

RPNB Mounted Biometric Gun Safe


Best Biometric Gun Safe - Our Top 5 Picks 5

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Pistol Safe

Ownership Requires Care

Owning a gun is a responsibility. It is a deadly weapon that needs to be operated with care and consideration. Gun safes are part and parcel of proper gun ownership and there are tons of different kinds of safes that will keep your pistol safe from those who shouldn’t have it. As science and technology have improved, our ability to house our guns safely has also increased.

Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric gun safes are a smart and technologically savvy way to keep your gun safe while making sure it is also accessible in the event you need it. These safes will give you quick access, but will also use technology like a fingerprint scanner to ensure that only approved people have access to the inside of the safe. The best biometric gun safe will offer quick access but also have a fast locking system that will keep the gun vault safe from kids and others who shouldn’t have access to firearms.

So Many Options

We have combed through tons of reviews and looked at a variety of different safes that come in a wide range of dimensions and have different levels of technology – from fingerprint recognition to a traditional combination lock, there are tons of gun safes on the market that can provide for your needs, allowing you to protect your family and your home and keep everyone safe.

Let’s take a look at each of the 5 biometric gun safes we selected as our favorites in turn:

Best Overall: Moutec Biometric Gun Safe

best biometric gun safe

Moutec is a trusted and reputable manufacturer that makes a wide range of products for the safe storage and keeping of firearms, ranging from handguns to rifles. Their biometric gun safe is a great option for those with just a couple of handguns that they want to keep safe and protected.

The safe offers quick access and has an automatic opening door. The biometric safe has three different means of entry. You can use the fingerprint scanner, keypad, or a spare key. The safe is made from solid reinforced steel, so it is tough and durable and cannot be easily breached.

Using fingerprint access, you can get into the safe in as little as one second, meaning you aren’t wasting valuable time in the event of an emergency. The safe is not only great for storing pistols and has the capacity for two standard-sized pistols, it can also be used to store valuable or important documents as well.

The safe has a backlit, LED keypad, so you can access it, even in the dark. It also has a silent mode so you can easily access your firearm without warning and intruder in the process.

The safe comes with a pry-proof seal and can be mounted to the floor for extra security. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty for added peace of mind.


  • quick access
  • automatic opening door
  • three modes of entry
  • backlit, LED keypad
  • silent mode
  • solid steel construction
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • is only large enough for two standard-sized pistols

Runner Up: ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols

onnais biometric gun safe

ONNAIS is a high-end, well-known maker of gun safety products like their biometric gun safe for pistols. This is a quality, well-made safe that can be easily stored anywhere in your home, such as next to your bed on a nightstand. It can also be stored in a vehicle in need be.

This safe is designed for pistols, the size of the safe is well suited to fit a pistol and some ammunition, or two standard-sized pistols, making it a great choice for those who want an easily accessible weapon to protect their home.

The safe offers three different means of entry. You can use the biometric fingerprint scanner, a keypad, or a backup override key. The spacious interior can fit most handguns or pistols with ease.

The high-resolution fingerprint scanner offers top-of-the-line, fast, yet safe access to your firearms with the silent operation so you can access the weapon without making any noise in the process.

Made from solid steel, this safe is solidly constructed, durable, and unable to be pried open. The only way to access the safe is with the right fingerprint, pin code, or key, keeping your firearm safe from unauthorized access.

The safe is designed for fast access and it can store up to 30 different fingerprints so that multiple people can have access to the safe.

Powered by 4 AA batteries, the safe has long battery life and is suitable for use with rechargeable batteries.


  • can be used in a number of different places
  • solid steel construction
  • can be opened via a fingerprint scanner, keypad, or key
  • can store up to 30 different fingerprints
  • quick access
  • silent operation
  • pry proof


  • battery operated
  • can only fit two standard-sized handguns

Alternative 1: RPNB Quick Access Gun Safe

rpnb biometric safe

RPNB is well known for making secure solutions for storing and protecting firearms of all shapes and sizes. Their quick access gun safe is an excellent option for those who have multiple pistols or other types of handguns that they want to store safely, but retain quick access when necessary.

The safe allows for three different modes of entry. It can be opened using the fingerprint scanner, a key code, or a key can be used to open it manually. The key code and fingerprint panel are backlit, so you can easily operate the safe even in the dark.

The safe is well designed and tough and durable. It is made from solid steel construction and is corrosion resistant so the safe will also stand the test of time. The safe also has pry-resistant doors so it cannot be broken into. It also comes with holes pre-drilled so that you can easily mount the safe to the floor so it can not be removed from the room it is in.

It has a sleek black finish that gives it a professional look so it can be used in the home or even in the office if you have valuable or documents that you want to protect from prying hands or eyes.

The gun safe runs off of 4 AA alkaline batteries and you can also use rechargeable alkaline batteries if you wish.


  • quick access
  • three modes of entry: fingerprints, keycode, or key
  • backlit display panel
  • quiet operation
  • solid steel construction
  • pro-proof
  • can be mounted to the floor for enhanced security
  • professional, black finish
  • uses 4 AA batteries


  • Only suitable for handguns and pistols

Best Mounted Gun Safe: RPNB Mounted Gun Safe

best mounted biometric gun safe

Since RPNB is such a trusted and reputable maker of high-tech, well-made gun storage solutions, we had to review another model in our top 5 picks. Their mounted gun safe with an auto open lid is another great option for those who want a gun safe that is secure and easy to operate.

The safe utilizes 500 DPI semiconductor biometric fingerprint sensors that use high-resolution images of your fingerprints to ensure safety. The scanner can recognize your print in as little as one second, so you don’t waste valuable time getting the safe open in an emergency.

The safe is designed for most standard-sized handguns and pistols and will keep your family safe from unauthorized entry into the safe. The safe is designed with space-saving in mind and can easily be mounted to a desk or the floor, but is small and compact enough to also be stored in a vehicle or even on a bookshelf. It can be mounted from any side you wish.

You can access the safe using the high-resolution fingerprint scanner, accessing it through a pin code, or manually using a key. It features quiet operation so you can easily get into the safe fast and effectively without alerting anyone to what you are doing.

The safe is made from solid steel and designed to last. It has anti-corrosion properties and its sleek, black finish gives it a professional look, giving you the ability to store valuables or other sensitive materials in it as well.

The safe is powered using 4 AA batteries.


  • fast access
  • auto-open lid
  • can be mounted from any side
  • fits most standard-sized handguns
  • three modes of access: fingerprints, code, or key
  • quiet operation
  • solid steel construction
  • runs using 4 AA batteries


  • only suitable for handguns
  • needs to be mounted for proper use

Alternative 3: Vaultek VT20i Biometric Pistol Safe

Best Biometric Gun Safe - Our Top 5 Picks 6

Vaultek makes a range of storage and safety solutions for owners of firearms. The brand is reputable and trusted for its well-made, high-quality products that stand the test of time. Their biometric safe is an excellent option for those who want to store a pistol safely, but still, have access to them in the event of an emergency.

This is a high-tech, cutting-edge safe that offers four different modes of access. You can access the safe using a pin, manually using a key, using your fingerprints, and it even has Bluetooth access for your phone. You have the option to turn the voice navigation off and run the safe on silent mode.

The safe comes with an app that gives you a way to access your safe with the Bluetooth connection on your cell phone. The safe can be opened in as little as one second and can store as many as 20 different sets of fingerprints so you can allow multiple people access to the safe.

The safe is not the largest but there’s more than enough room for one pistol, a few magazines, and a few small personal effects if you would like to store other things in there.

It has additional safety features such as a lockdown mode. If access to the safe is attempted ten times, it will lock down for three minutes afterward. This will help protect the safe against unauthorized entry and provide a “cool down” period that doesn’t allow anyone to access the safe for a specified period of time.

The safe runs off of a lithium-ion battery that takes 2.5 hours to fully charge. You can also leave the battery constantly plugged in if you wish. With the ability to open the safe manually, using a key, you can even access the contents of the safe if the battery is dead.


  • four modes of access: key code, manually using a key, fingerprints, or Bluetooth app
  • has an app that can be used in tandem with the safe
  • can store up to 20 different sets of fingerprints
  • rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • can be charged using a supplied cord


  • only suitable for pistols

Best Biometric Gun Safes Buying Guide

pistol in hand

When looking for the best safes on the market, you will need to take a few things into consideration. How important are advanced biometrics to you? Are you looking for something that has pin code access or something more sophisticated like a biometric fingerprint reader?

Tons of Choices

Options with all of these security solutions are available, and the price associated with each will vary. A biometric gun safe may come with a fingerprint scanner, which means that it provides enhanced security against unapproved people gaining access to the inside of the safe where pistols or other firearms may be stored.


Like most things, the best biometric gun safe will come in a range of shapes and sizes that will fit the number of guns you have to store. Biometric gun safes are often designed to hold a specific number of firearms, so you will need to make sure that you are getting a handgun safe that is large enough to safely protect your guns.

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Biometric Gun Safe

Not all gun safes are created equal. You want a solid, well-built safe that helps you to enhance the gun safety of your home while still allowing easy access in case of emergency. You want something that is solidly built from tough, durable materials. We recommend choosing a safe that is made from solid or reinforced steel and that has protection against being pried open or otherwise accessed without permission.

A biometric pistol safe is a smart choice as it will give you all of this and more. The safes we review below are all made from the highest quality materials and are designed to stand the test of time and to remain secure from people attempting to breach the safe without permission.

A firearm intended for use to protect your home and your family and a gun safe isn’t very effective if it is difficult and takes a long time to access. However, you also want measures in place, like fingerprint gun safe scanners to help ensure that only those who should have access are able to get into your safe. This is why the biometric safe is such a recommended part of gun ownership.

Solid Construction and Tech-savvy Design

The best gun safes will be made of carbon steel construction and provide you with the best biometric gun protection available in gun safes today. Whether you are looking for handgun safes that have a fingerprint reader, silent mode, and/or fast access, there are models that can do all of these things. The last thing you want in the event of an emergency is for a safe that is hard to get into or one that makes a ton of noise while you are accessing its contents.

We have combed through the web and done the research so you don’t have to. Here, we compile our list of the five best biometric safes on the market today. All of these offer fingerprint and other safety measures and allow for fast, easy access while keeping your firearm safe from kids and others.

Important for Safety

A biometric gun safe will give you the peace of mind that your family is safe and secure and that your pistol safe provides you with ready access in case of emergency. We have a responsibility to not only our families but to society to help ensure that if we have guns that they are properly stored. So many tragedies could be prevented by proper gun storage. With this type of safe, you can have incredibly fast access to your weapons, using the latest technology, and also have the confidence that only those you have given permission will be able to gain access to the contents of your safe.

best biometric gun safe

Biometric Gun Safe FAQ

Many people are not familiar with biometrics and as a result, may have a few questions about how these safes work and how effective they are. We have answered the most common questions about biometric safes below to give you the information you need to make the best choice for your needs and preferences.

Do biometric gun safes work?

Yes, using your fingerprint as opposed to simply having a combination lock provides enhanced security that your firearms can only be accessed by those you have given permission to. A gun safe like the ones we have reviewed here offers secure, accessible means to store weapons to keep them away from children but to allow for quiet, fast access if you ever need them. They are a tech-savvy solution to storing guns that will also help to ensure that children and unauthorized users have no access to the weapons. It keeps pistols safe and other guns out of the hands of those who may not have the skill to operate the said weapon.

Are biometric gun safes secure?

A biometric gun safe is one of the best ways to keep your weapons safe and secure. The best biometric gun safe will provide fast, quiet, easy access to authorized users and will keep those who don’t have permission to access the safe out of it. Having the option to use your fingerprint, a key code, or a key gives you multiple ways to gain entry to your safe so that even in the event that the batteries run out, you can still access your weapons manually.

How big are biometric gun safes?

The short answer to this question is it depends. There are lots of different safes that range in size and capacity. Most safes will hold a couple of guns. If you are storing a handgun or pistol, any of the options we described in our guide will work great. If, however, you are looking to store long guns like rifles, you will need to look for biometric safes that are specially designed for long guns.

Make sure to look at the dimensions of any safe you are considering and do your research to ensure that the safe will be large enough to store your firearm(s). If you have a large number of firearms, you will want to look for a high-capacity safe or have more than one.

How are biometric gun safes powered?

Most biometric safes are battery-powered. Some use regular batteries and can also use rechargeable batteries. Others may come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. What will work best for you simply depends on your budget and your preferences. A lot of people like safes with lithium-ion batteries as they only have to remember to charge the safe, they don’t have to remember to have batteries on hand. It really is a personal preference, but it should be noted that a biometric gun safe with a lithium-ion battery is likely to cost more than one that runs on regular batteries.

Best Biometric Gun Safe - Our Top 5 Picks 7


The ability to protect our home and family from danger is one of the most important concerns many of us have. This is why we take our Second Amendment rights so seriously. This right does, however, come with a great degree of responsibility. Guns are dangerous weapons and need to be kept away from unauthorized users or children who could be harmed by using them without the knowledge or skill they need to safely operate a firearm.

One of the easiest things we can do to protect our families from firearm injury is to make sure that our weapons are properly stored. Most people use a gun safe to store their weapons to ensure that they are readily accessible, but that children and others are kept away from a dangerous weapon. Advances in technology have made keeping our firearms safe and secure a lot easier than ever before.

A biometric gun safe is an ultimate way to protect your home and family but also to ensure that only those who are authorized to use a weapon have access to any guns that may be in the home. The best biometric gun safes will offer fast, easy access but in a way that also keeps unauthorized users from gaining entry to your weapons. Countless biometric gun safe reviews rave about the ability to access the safe in multiple ways.

Most biometric gun safes will have multiple modes of entry. First and foremost, the most secure method of entry is through the use of fingerprint readers. You can store the fingerprints of those in the home who are authorized to gain access to the safe and only those individuals will be granted access using their fingerprints.

Many of these safes will also have keypad access, where you can set a pin code as an alternative means of gaining access to the safe. Some will also come with a backup key that will also allow for manual entry. All the safes we review here offer quick access, so you can obtain your firearm quickly when you need it most.

These pistol safes use fingerprints and other means to restrict access to your handguns while still giving you the ability to protect your home in the event of an intruder or other emergency. Since these are biometric safes, they require a power source. Most will be battery-powered, using either traditional (or rechargeable) batteries or lithium-ion batteries. Larger safes may plug directly into a power outlet.

Any of the options we review here are great choices for those who are looking for a tech-savvy way to keep their firearms safe but also ensure that they can protect their family and gain access to their weapons in the event they need it. A biometric gun safe combines the ability to protect ourselves, while also keeping in mind the responsibility that comes with gun ownership.